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Goods and Services

Clothing Brand

Tips for clothes brands

Aim to register a single word brand that's one or two syllables in length, e.g. GUESS, GANT, NIKE, KAPPA, PUMA, LEVIS, POLO, FILA, GUCCI, LACOSTE, CHANEL …

Trademark for a beauty (skincare or cosmetic) product

Tips for protecting cosmetic brands

Trademarks with numerous words appear to be the choicest, when it comes to picking beauty, skincare or cosmetic product brands …

Trademark for a sports event

Tips for protecting sports event brands

South Africans sure love our sports. We love playing them, both on the field and from our couches. There are many well‐known home‐grown events, and major international events hosted in South Africa (including, the event "that must not be named") …

Television show trade mark

Tips for TV show brands

A punchy, multi‐word name, with a play on a well‐known idiom or quip is favoured by most television show producers. Think, HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and THE BIG BANG THEORY. Single‐word names are also popular for TV ‐ SHAMELESS, FRIENDS and the famous SURVIVOR series …

Trademark for a restaurant

Tips for restaurant brands

As the saying goes: "You either eat to live or you live to eat". We certainly classify ourselves as the "live to eat" kind of people and, given the number of restaurants, fast food joints, food festivals, food trucks, gourmet foods (the list goes on) popping up, it appears that South Africans "live to eat" too...

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