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Create a BRAND

File a South African trademark

… and own your brand … forever

for only US$80

What to protect?

Protect your:

  • Word mark ‐ this is your "brand anchor", and is seldom affected by brand development
  • Logo

And, prevent competitors from using a "confusingly similar" brand on similar products. A trademark is the most affordable legal protection for a growing brand ‐ new brand registrations enjoy the same rights as a national, 100 year‐old registered brand.

Using your brand:

You can file a trademark for a new brand as well as existing brands you've used for many years. After registering your trademark:

  • continue selling branded products,

  • license use of your brand, or

  • franchise your service / concept for a 5% royalty.

Extending your brand:

Later, extend your brand globally, but only when you're ready; and create a sub‐brand for each product within your branded product range.

Once registered, use the ® symbol ‐ now everyone will know that you mean business.

How to file a South African trademark:

  1. Check that an identical trademark does not exist on the SA trademarks register ‐ you don't want to find yourself standing on Boswell Wilkie's big toes
  2. Enter your brand name or upload your logo image
  3. Select relevant classes for your branded goods / services
  4. Enter applicant details (name, physical address and tel. no.)
  5. Pay US$80

A South African trademark attorney will file your trademark application with CIPC, and we will email your official trademark application number within a South African business day.

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